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Parents Partnership
Ora has created a family-friendly environment that gives parents, guardians, and caregivers the assistance they require as they start their children’s early-years education journeys.
As we are aware of how parents significantly impact how their youngsters view school and how beneficial young people’s early learning experiences may be.
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Ora Parents
Health & Hygiene
We adhere to all DHA, MOE, and KHDA regulations and guidelines. All our highly trained educators are First-Aid certified. We also have two fully qualified nurses on-site, and we comply with a close educator-to-child ratio of 1:3 for children under 12 months, 1:4 for children aged 13–24 months, 1:6 for children aged 24–36 months, and 1:8 for children aged 36–48 months.
Ora Methodology
We have developed a unique methodology that stimulates foresight skills and solution-focused thinking processes. We aim to disrupt traditional educational approaches and enrich them with a futuristic mindset to prepare children for tomorrow.

Breastfeeding Room

Ora’s open-door policy encourages parent-child connection during set times of the day. Our private and comfortable on-demand feeding pods have been designed to ensure breastfeeding moms and babies—and even bottle-feeding dads and their little ones—are happy and relaxed.

CCTV Surveillance

We acknowledge the significance of safeguarding your child’s safety and security. Which is why we have installed CCTV cameras throughout our premises accessible to our vigilant staff to guarantee a safe and secure environment at all times.

Fully Equipped Clinic

We’ve created a safe child pick-up service where one of our team members will personally collect your little one directly from you or your driver at the Emirates Tower valet parking. If you’d like to come into the nursery, feel free to enjoy some me time (and a cup of coffee) at our Parents Café.
Parents Workshops
Our parents’ workshops give you the chance to get involved in informative morning chats with our team, network with other Ora parents, and schedule one-on-one consultation sessions with our educators to offer us feedback and gain valuable insights into your child’s developmental journey.

Parents as Education Partners

When parents support children’s early-year learning journeys and allow some of the nursery’s teachings to be carried into the home setting, little ones perform better and are more engaged at the nursery. 

When parents support children’s early-year learning journeys and allow some of the nursery’s teachings to be carried into the home setting, little ones perform better and are more engaged at the nursery. Parental involvement in early-year education can help young people transform classroom activities into real-world activities.


Ora Advantage

Our Zayed Early-Learning Framework, inspired by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s vision, encourages child-initiated learning, nurturing curiosity, creativity, and self-confidence. At Ora, children and educators foster a community-focused learning zone that promotes leadership, responsibility, and empathy. Parents are involved through community engagement, hands-on support, and custom-built technology to stay informed about their child’s development.
Nursery of the future

Health and Safety

Ora takes the maintenance of Health and Safety extremely seriously as a matter of both legal and moral importance. The management team and all other staff members will always strive to go beyond the minimum statutory standards to ensure that health and safety remain the priority.

All staff  members are responsible for ensuring that the provisions of this policy are always adhered to. As such, they are required to:
Take responsible care of their own health and safety as well as of other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work.
Report any accidents, incidents, or dangerous occurrences that have led to, or may in the future be likely to lead to injury or damage and assist in the investigation of any such events.
Undergo regular and relevant health and safety training.
Maintain an environment that is safe and without risk to health.

The Centre Manager holds ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the nursery operates in a safe and hazard-free manner and will ensure that adequate arrangements exist for the following:

Ensuring that all staff members both understand and accept their responsibilities in relation to health and safety procedures.
Encouraging staff members to undertake health and safety training.
Monitoring the effectiveness of this policy and authorizing any necessary revisions to its provisions.
Providing adequate resources necessary to meet the nursery’s health and safety responsibilities.
Ensuring that all staff members both understand and accept their responsibilities in relation to health and safety procedures.
Reviewing all reported accidents, incidents, and dangerous occurrences.
Information received on health and safety matters is made available to all staff members.
Nursery of the future

Partnership with Parents Policy

At Ora, we aim to make the nursery a welcome place where children and families settle quickly and feel comfortable and confident to approach all staff members.
To ensure positive parent relationships and effective partnerships we:

Introduce all parents to staff members at Ora.

All staff members are expected to greet parents in a positive manner.

Classroom staff are expected to feedback to parents every day, listen to, and discuss comments and concerns.

Where needed, the Centre Manager will meet with parents to ensure positive relationships.

Our Parents' app is used daily to communicate with parents and share daily updates.

We have termly parent-teacher meetings where parents are invited to meet with the class teacher to discuss their child’s learning and development.

We plan parent participation events, where parents are invited to the nursery to share milestone events and celebrate special occasions.

We have an open-door policy where parents are encouraged to visit the nursery reception to discuss their child’s progress.

Parents have access to communication with class teachers using our app.

Feedback and concerns from parents is listened to respectfully and next steps are created in collaboration with parents.

At Ora, we understand the significant impact of positive partnership with parents on a child’s learning and development. For this reason, it is part of Ora’s Partnership with Parents policy that all staff are responsible for creating and maintaining positive relationships with parents which support effective working partnerships.

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